This is not a dream, No Comply is really back!

Team Graphic Everslabs IN STOCK!

Purple Sliderz & Pirate Hooker V2 Everslabs in stock.

32mm Decks are also in stock due to demand.

Restock on blank decks.

New 1" Button Packs also in stock.

Thanks for the continued support!

Lord of the plies coming mid 2020

Coming late spring/early summer No Comply brings you the first of many event/contests "The Lord of the Plies".

We are reinventing our Princeton Indiana events.  Stay tuned for more information as we get things planned out after the first of the year.

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Austen Patton

Memorial To our Team Members who left us too soon


Drew Hutchings


Jamal Bouabdellaoui

About No Comply

Humble Beginnings

What started out as a challenge to put a new graphic on a fingerboard for my 3 year old daughter in 2008, turned into a passion that has stood the test of time for me.  I may have taken a few years off, but I always knew I'd return.


I ran No Comply from mid 2008 thru mid 2013.  It was started in the back of a pole barn that housed a friends business.  I moved operations into the garage of our new home in late 2008.  In September 2009 I bought a building on my town square and opened the first dedicated fingerboard park / store in the USA, The PoP Factory.  Operations remained at The PoP Factory until about late 2011 when I closed The PoP Factory and moved operations back to our home, in a spare bedroom downstairs.

From Here Forward

Right now No Comply is operating out of that same spare bedroom.  12x12 feet.  We intend to sell our home this spring and will relocate  and No Comply will have a new place to call home.

I intend to do just as I did before.  Draw inspiration from my roots of skating in the late 80s.  I will do my best to continue where I left off and strive to bring new and innovative products to the community.

I decided, at nearly 46, this is it for me.  I am in this one for the long haul.  When I retire, this will be what I retire from.  

No Comply continues it's tradition of keeping it family.  Previously my mother aged 65-68 for the time we were open was the sole deck sander/finisher.  (yeah, you read right, she was a beast with sandpaper!)  

The torch has moved now to my daughter who is very interested in fingerboarding and my wife as well.  Together this is new team behind the brand.

No COmply WIsdom

"really...there is supposed to be some great wisdom here?"